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Get noticed!  Get hired!  The affordable, award-winning Next Gig Career Snapshot will serve you well at any point in your career, and costs less than a simple resumé review. Plus, our 44% of our customers told us they got the new job they were looking for using their Career Snapshot! Explore the main graphic to see what our clients are saying about the Career Snapshot!

Take control of your job hunt with this graphic resumé tool for job seekers! Let your numbers do the talking!

Readable by decision makers in just 3-5 seconds, the Next Gig Career Snapshot displays your most important data points and metrics.  It’s a great addition to your resumé/CV and cover letter, and will help you get noticed by – and start conversations with – recruiters, HR teams, and decision makers.

Your vector-based (high-resolution) illustration will be designed by one of our professional art directors who will personally select (or create) images and iconography to showcase your key figures. Your email, portfolio/profile, and social channel links are programmed and “live,” making it even easier for people to contact you.

Make Your Snapshot Work Harder

Choose from these excellent companion addons to enhance your My Career Snapshot


Put a face to all those numbers.

Purposefully designed and sized exclusively for LinkedIn’s background profile photo. Created once your Career Snapshot is finished with the metrics and contact information you select.

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What Happens Next:  Once your order is placed, enclosed in your receipt you’ll see a link to a simple form where you’ll input your contact information (including your personal website URL or LinkedIn Profile URL), data points (with short captions), and choose a color theme from 10 available palettes.  When your form is completed our talented designers will create a unique Career Snapshot that features 6-9 curated illustrations and icons.

Soon after you’ll receive a first draft of your graphic by email for review. Next, you’ll inform us of any changes via email. We’ll quickly process your changes (if any) and send you a second draft via email. If there are any remaining issues, they can be addressed at this 2nd-draft stage. After we process any final changes, the finished and final PDF Career Snapshot graphic will be e-mailed to you promptly.

The LinkedIn Profile Background Graphic will be created after your Career Snapshot is complete.

Total turnaround time can be as quick as 5-10 days, and our goal is to never take longer than 14 working days.  The final PDF will be 8.5 x 11 inches (standard letter size) in either horizontal or vertical format (a choice you select on the Google Form).

Know someone looking for a job?  Buy them a Career Snapshot as a gift!

If this is a gift, you’ll input that information at Checkout. We’ll follow up with the gift recipient.

Note: Orders must be completed within 60 days of purchase.

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