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Get Noticed. Get New Business. Get New Hires.

The Company Snapshot gives businesses and gig workers (freelancers) a new tool for increasing revenue. Use your Company Snapshot on your business website, in presentations, or as a printed leave-behind. The Snapshot presents key business metrics that will get your client’s attention.

To perform well in this tight job market, clients are also using their Snapshots for recruiting. The examples shown here – “position” Snapshots – are used with permission.

The process for creating a Company Snapshot is totally hands-on. Your team will have a personal consultation with the owner of MyCareerSnapshot to start the process. We will design a custom color palette that works with your company branding, and integrate your company logo into the design. A photo can also be included. All of this is at no extra charge.

Your company’s vector-based (high-resolution) illustration will be designed by one of our professional art directors who will personally select (or create) images and iconography to showcase your key figures. Your team’s email and portfolio/profile links are programmed and “live,” making it even easier for prospects to contact you.

The Snapshot also works great across social media platforms. For businesses with multiple active social channels, select the checkout option for additional Social Media Links.

Total turnaround time is often just 10 days, but depending on how quickly company stakeholders weigh in, it can take longer.

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What Happens Next: Once your order is placed, you’ll receive a personal note from the founder of MyCareerSnapshot. Rex will then begin to walk you through the process of creating your Company Snapshot.

After developing your metrics, you’ll receive a first draft of your graphic by email for review. We’ll quickly process your changes (if any) and send you a second draft via email. If there are any remaining issues, they will be addressed in subsequent revisions. The finished and final PDF Company Snapshot graphic will be e-mailed.

If you have ordered the optional LinkedIn Profile Graphic, we’ll produce that after your Company Snapshot is finalized.

Total turnaround time can be as quick as 5-10 days, and our goal is to never take longer than 14 working days.  The final PDF will be 8.5 x 11 inches (standard letter size) in either horizontal or vertical format (a choice you select on the Google Form).

Note: Orders must be completed within 60 days of purchase.