Company Snapshot

The Company Snapshot gives businesses a new tool for increasing revenue. Create and use your Company Snapshot on the business website, in electronic presentations or printed leave-behind materials.  The Snapshot includes key business metrics that will get your client’s attention.

Our example is for the famous ACME Company that supplied products to Wile E. Coyote of Road Runner cartoon fame – and later Ralph Wolf – both creations of Academy Award winning Chuck Jones.

Your vector-based (high-resolution) illustration will be designed by one of our professional art directors who will personally select (or create) images and iconography to showcase your key figures. Your email and portfolio/profile links are programmed and “live,” making it even easier for people to contact you.  The Snapshot also works great across social media platforms.

Turnaround time is often just 3-5 days, and the Company Snapshot is a meaningful gift to those you know who are seeking new or better employment.  Give a gift that could help change a student’s path!

Act now to receive our special “we’re all in this together” COVID-19 pricing of $125.  Once this pandemic is behind us, our price will go back to the still-affordable $349.00, still a deal compared to other resumé development services.


Get noticed!  Get accepted!

Once your order is placed, enclosed in your receipt you’ll see a link to an interactive form that starts the creative process.  On the form you’ll input your contact information (including your personal website URL or profile URL), data points (with short captions), and choose a color theme from 10 available palettes.  Upon receipt of your completed form, our talented designers – all have Fortune 500 experience – will create a unique Snapshot that features 6-9 curated illustrations and icons.

School pricing can be negotiated by school or university career placement services or by parent groups.

What Happens Next:  After purchase, you’ll complete the simple Google Form as noted above (it’s included in your receipt). The form automatically sends your Snapshot details to our creative team. The next thing you’ll receive from us via email is a first draft of your graphic for review. Next, you’ll inform us of any changes via email. We’ll quickly process your changes (if any) and send you a second draft via email. If there are any remaining issues, they can be addressed at this 2nd-draft stage. After we process any final changes, the finished and final PDF Snapshot graphic will be e-mailed to you promptly. Total turnaround time can be as quick as 3-5 days, and our goal is to never take longer than 14 working days.  The final PDF will be 8.5 x 11 inches (standard letter size) in either horizontal or vertical format (a choice you select on the Google Form).

Academic Snapshots make great gifts! 

If this is a gift, you’ll input that information at Checkout. We’ll follow up with the gift recipient.

Note: Orders must be completed within 60 days of purchase.