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The Career Snapshot© is the award-winning, quick-reading, one-page interactive infographic that supplements your resumé/CV. This new job seeking tool is a graphic resumé that represents your greatest career, business, academic, and sports achievements with numbers, captions, and quick-reading icons. Use the Snapshot to network, attach with cover letters, and add to your professional profiles. Order now, it’s easy!

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Numbers Speak for Themselves.

And for You.


Let numbers tell the story of your individual successes using our graphic resumé-like document, whether your most important number is one or one million. Hiring managers spend only seconds on each application, so getting noticed fast is critical.  Numbers are a quick read.  Career Coaches agree that the addition of a Career Snapshot infographic to your resumé/CV and cover letter helps you stand out, get noticed, and get hired.

The Process is Easy

  1. Pick your Career Snapshot template and features
  2. Place your order
  3. Check your receipt for the Career Snapshot form link
  4. Complete the form
  5. Our art directors complete your first draft for your review
  6. Review, revise and finish
10 Available Color Palettes
Many Design Options

Use Your Career Snapshot to…



Network; send your Career Snapshot rather than a resumé – it’s a great conversation starter



Stand out when applying online for jobs; add it when you upload your resumé and cover letter


Enhance your professional profile



Present your business to prospects and clients in pitches/presentations



Keep the conversation moving during virtual or in-person job interviews


Earn new gig or freelance work

What Customers Say…

What’s Your Number…

Industry Influencers Recommend My Career Snapshot

Dr. Hoda K., CPCC

Leadership Development, Dallas/Fort Wort

“I am a fan of the Career Snapshot! I believe in its value now, and more importantly in the future when everyone will be looking for creative measures to showcase their talents and abilities.”

Todd E.

Recruiter, Chicago

“Perfect addition to the resume and LinkedIn profile. Creative, fun, and gives the key numbers in a way that says you’ve made a lot happen.”

Jade O.
Team Relations Specialist, Detroit

“I always think a more creative take on listing your milestones makes you stick out of the pack (especially if the role you are seeking is in the creative sector). Is this something that could just be listed in a resume? Sure. But will a recruiter remember this graphic more than a bulleted list in Times New Roman? 10,000%!”

Matt D.
Corporate Communications | Public Relations, San Francisco Bay Area

“I love it since syllable-based attention spans are running out for every one of us. Wise graphics/stats are what most of it is all about, at least for attracting an initial conversation of real constructive interest.”

Hanna M.
Job Search Strategist, New York

“It’s a wonderful supplement to the text resume! Use it when networking and all over social!”

Bogdan Z.
Helping Job Seekers Land Their Jobs Faster, San Francisco Bay Area

“I think the Snapshot is definitely useful! It could also work well to submit as a second page to your resumé.”

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